Weird Owl Sr. send Weird Vowel to the Nega Verse.

Weird Vowel is one of the more popular "Weird" characters, which include Weird Bowel, Weird Trowel, Weird Towel and others.

Weird Vowel is shaped like the letter "Y" and has a long curly moustache.

Members of the Weird Owl Family (from top, clockwise), Weird Owl, Weird Bowel, Weird Trowel, Weird Vowel and Weird Towel.

Weird Vowel originally appeared in 2016, singing his audience favourite song "Use Y to spell Tyger"

Weird Vowel heroically sacrificed his own life when Weird Owl Sr. used his Nega Verse gun to transport Weird Vowel into the Nega Verse.

It's unknown if Weird Vowel survived this event.

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