Weird Owl Sr. is Weird Owl's father and Weird Owl Jr.'s grandfather.

He owns or manages an Orphan Best Buy.

Weird Owl Sr. is most likely a Snowy Owl, according to popular fan theories.

He has access to technology allowing him to access the Nega Verse where he banished Weird Vowel.

Weird Owl Sr. plants bombs across LMG in this artist rendering.

Weird Owl Sr. has shown that he has no problem taking human audience or animal life, planting seven bombs across Little Mountain Gallery.

During a battle with Weird Owl, Weird Owl Sr. Was banished to the Nega Verse and hasn't been seen since.

It's unknown if Weird Owl Sr. survived his trip to the Nega Verse or has been able to return to the real world.

Fashion[edit | edit source]

Weird Owl Sr. is transported against his will to the Nega Verse.

Weird Owl Sr. is typically seen wearing a top hat, monocle, formal black vest and a remembrance day poppy. Leading fans to speculate that he served in some capacity in the military.

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