Weird Owl Jr. is the son of Weird Owl.

Weird Owl Jr. is suspected by fans to be a Spotted Owl.

He was abandoned by his father and adopted by his grandfather, who forced him to work in a Best Buy that he owned or managed, staffed entirely with orphans.

Weird Owl Jr. became well known for his famous catch-phrase "Faaaa-ther!" Audience members will often say this out loud with him as he says it.

Originally, Weird Owl wasn't interested in raising his son, but, after learning that he could get government cheques for child support the elder owl quickly changed his mind.

Weird Owl: Now I’m reunited with my son

And we never will part

A child is so valuable to me

He’s a tiny gift of bottomless money

[Weird Owl Jr] Yep, that’s me!

Weird Owl: We agree!

But why stop at one? When kids are free?

[Weird Owl Junior] What about me?

Weird Owl: Ev-ry kid is more free dough!

Weird Owl meets his son for the first time.

[SPOKEN] I’ll explain it to you. Listen:

Have a kid to wash my clothes

One to take out all my trash

Have three more to go for smokes

One to put ointment on my rash

A child to run drugs on the side

And one to work at dominos

he’ll get free dips for crazy bread

All I have to do is sow, my seed into a flamingo

One, I’ll keep on ice for parts

Two, to rub for my good luck

Three, to install cool mood lights

Four, to wash me after fucks

Eight, to bake me sweet owl breads

Nine, to treat my ingrown toe

Weird Owl Jr. was forced to work at an Orphan Best Buy with other orphans.

Ten, to tear my foes to shreds

And all I have to do is blowwwww!

Weird Owl Junior: But father, you love me for more than just the money right?

Weird Owl: Nope!

Weird Owl Jr. Is performed by Shane McLean.

Current Status[edit | edit source]

Weird Owl Jr. has not been seen since 2016.

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