Weird Owl became the breakout star of Weird Al Karaoke in Vancouver and quickly eclipsed anything else about the show in the eyes of fans.

Weird Al Karaoke is a monthly show at Little Mountain Gallery in Vancouver, BC where comedians perform original parody songs.

Since 2015, an owl puppet, Weird Owl, has co-hosted the show and delighted audiences with his irreverent humour and amazing parody songs, replacing the first host.

The show features some of the city's top parody song performance artists.

Shane McLean has served as the inspiration and voice behind Weird Owl and all of his views since 2015.

"Vancouver has one of the most vibrant comedy scenes that I've ever seen," said local journalists. "This pairing of comedy with parody songmanship has been a blessing to the community and promises to be one of the crown jewels this town will ever see."

The show was originally created by Glenn Macaulay in Toronto. Versions of the show are put on across Canada. None of them have a wiki.

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