True Fans are a group dedicated to the ongoing living history of Weird Owl Karaoke.

Within the Weird Owl audience community there exists a line between True Fans and Casuals.

True Fans are those that attend each and every performance to enjoy the updates to Weird Owl's backstory and rich lore. They catalogue important developments, both on stage and off, and preserve this precious knowledge in their personal archives and annotations added to this public Wiki.

These True Fans are the lifeblood of the Weird Owl community and serve a vital cultural purpose as both patrons and historians for this very important performance.

Anyone can become a True Fan with dedication and a sense of community.

True Fans are humble and understand that, much as a single blade of grass is nothing without the many of its brothers to make up a lawn upon which the titans tread, their role is that of observer.

Without True Fans, Weird Owl Karaoke would not exist (and the producers of the show know this!).

The True Fan community has a system of norms and values.

On the other hand, casual fans come and go and are a source of money and nothing more.

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