Fans recently confirmed that Weird Owl is definitely a Saw-Whet Owl, based on his appearance, attitude, diet, things he has said and other clues left behind for dedicated audience members.

While there are many similarities between the saw-whet owl and Weird Owl, there are also many differences.

According to Wikipedia, these owls are close to the size of a robin and have a round, light, white face with brown and cream streaks; they also have a dark beak and yellow eyes - these are many attributes shared by the famous Weird Owl himself.

These owls are quite common, but hard to spot. This can also be said to partially apply to Weird Owl, as he is uncommon but very easy to spot during his shows.

"The northern saw-whet owl makes a repeated tooting whistle sound. Some say they sound like a saw being sharpened on a whetstone."

This doesn't apply to Weird Owl, who speaks English like a human.

"Their habitat is coniferous forests, sometimes mixed or deciduous woods, across North America. Their range covers most of North America including southeastern Alaska, southern Canada, most of the United States and the central mountains in Mexico."

This range includes Vancouver, where Weird Owl lives at least partially through the year.

"Northern saw-whet owls lay about four or six white-colored eggs in natural tree cavities or woodpecker holes."

In 2016, Weird Owl threw what he said were his eggs into the audience. Upon tasting them, audience members learned they had been deceived and the eggs were actually Cadbury Mini Eggs Chocolate Candy.

"These birds wait on a high perch at night and swoop down on prey. They mainly eat small organisms with a strong focus on small mammals in their diet."

Studies are unavailable to show if the real Saw-Whet Owls will eat human flesh, their own children or lager beer.

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