The Orphan Best Buy was managed or possibly owned by Weird Owl Sr.

What's known for sure is that he staffed it entirely with orphans, including his grandson Weird Owl Jr. who he refused to adopt so the owlet could be classified as an orphan.

Not much is known about the day-to-day operation of this Best Buy or how it differed from a standard Best Buy.

Fans are curious if the same electronics were available to purchase, if the orphans slept at the store, if the store was related to the chain of other Best Buys or if the store was actually called Orphan Best Buy and not orphan Best Buy.

Sadly, with Weird Owl Sr. in the Nega Verse and Weird Owl Jr having not appeared for some time, these questions may go unanswered.

Location[edit | edit source]

The location of the store was never revealed but canny fans have deduced the following:

Based on Weird Owl Jr.'s story, the store can't be located anywhere within a 500 km radius as Weird Owl Jr. said he had been on the road for at least a week and spotted owls are able to fly up to an estimated several miles according to

The store can't be in British Columbia because Weird Owl Sr. said he has never paid provincial sales tax.

The store can't be in Montana because Weird Owl asked Weird Owl Jr. if he ever wanted to visit Montana and Weird Owl Jr. said he's always wanted to visit.

This could also mean that Weird Owl Jr. wants to visit the state as he has only lived there, never visited it.

The store could be in Calgary as Charles Spookowski once said that he visited Calgary and went to a Best Buy that was staffed entirely by young children who told him they were orphans when asked and one of the orphans was an owl and the manager was an owl.

Current Manager[edit | edit source]

It's unknown who the current manager or owner of the Orphan Best Buy is now.

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