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Shane McLean poses with some of his amazing creations, including Mister Tiddlywinks (bottom right).

Mister Tiddlywinks was a character introduced into the Weird Owl mythos in Jan 2017 as a roommate to Weird Owl.

Tiddlywinks was a troll with grey skin, yellow eyes and sharp claws and teeth who served as a foil to Weird Owl and managed to be too extreme in his views even for the owl.

Mister Tiddlywinks made many strong claims during his appearance, including:

"I have to mark my space, with my special spray

So I piss on your bed, each and every day

And those letters I sent, weren’t a threat

But I can’t pay the rent, until I’m out of debt."

Weird Owl arranged for Tiddlywinks to move out of Little Mountain by paying him in cash and special jewels, but Tiddlywinks threatened to return at some future point. So far, those threats have been unrealized.

In 2019, Tiddlywinks returned, to reveal that he has French ethnic background, much to the dismay of Brent, who vehemently claimed that it was not canon. But hey, now it's in the wiki, so it must be true forever.